Kozhikode, Kerala

Rare fruit plants seller in Kozhikode, Kerala

Rare fruit plants seller in Kozhikode, Kerala

Nowadays, finding rare fruit plants in Kozhikode and India is hard. The current suppliers have a limited supply along with less variety. Due to all this If you have been unable to buy exotic fruit plants online in Kerala, then don’t worry anymore we got you covered. Veliyath garden is a pristine nursery located near river Periyar. Our nursery specialises in producing quality saplings for exotic rare plants for sale in Kozhikode and around India. Moreover, we also make timely deliveries to all parts of Kerala as well as India. So, order your exotic plants online Koduvally. We have approximately 1000 exotic plants and species in our collection. Veliyath is India's leading supplier of such rare and exotic plants, and due to our loyal customer our growth is continuing. Our excellent customer service has aided us in creating a strong core audience. There is a reason why we are regarded as the top fruit tree sellers in Nadapuram. Our extensive collection of exotic fruit plants for sale in Koduvally has also made us a popular choice in the area.

Veliyath purchases a diverse assortment of plants from countries such as Mexico and Indonesia. Our seedlings and specimens are developed and nurtured by expert horticulturists. You may have these beautiful lovely fruit plants by purchasing exotic plants online Koduvally. Furthermore, we only use organic matter from our farm cows to grow and nurture our rare plants. When you choose Veliyath you choose quality. Such quality that it would greatly affect your health.  Combined, these factors make us the best fruit tree sellers in Nadapuram. We mainly have two categories of rare and exotic plants at Veliyath, namely ornamental and fruit bearing. The ornamental species of the rare and exotic plants can make anybody’s place look a quite better. So, do not wait on this opportunity and get these rare fruit plants in Kozhikode.


Exotic plants online Koduvally, Kozhikode

Exotic plants online Koduvally, Kozhikode

Due to our years of expertise we have also developed processes that aid in preservation of our collection.  Rollinia, Olosappo, Cherry of De Rio, Bacupari, Araza Boi, Dragonfruit, Uvavia, and other fruits grow in our Veliyath garden. Because of our diversity, we are considered as the best fruit tree sellers in Nadapuram. In Kerala and even India, there are relatively few sites with such extensive knowledge of the given subject. Furthermore, our internet presence has been steadily rising owing to our impeccable records and quality service. We deliver everywhere in India and Kerala, making it simple to purchase exotic fruit plants online in Kerala. Our coverage distinguishes ourselves from other local nurseries in Kerala and India.  Veliyath also considers the demands of consumers after their purchase; we have specialized customer service teams to assist our esteemed clients in achieving complete satisfaction from our products. If you want rare fruit plants in Kozhikode, you come to us. It shall be noted that we only deliver within India, we do not export our rare fruit plants abroad, as we are focusing on the Indian market. We hope that this would aid us in serving our own people better. 

Veliyath also has a wide range of gardening aid and gardening needs to provide quality service to its consumers. These tools can also be ordered online. We provide clay, vermin compost, prime, and other gardening supplies. While our gardening tool collection includes instruments such as Hedge Shears, Looping Shears, Telescopic Pruning Secauters, Roll Cut Pruning Secauters, Roll Cut Hand Forks, and Hand Weeders. If you are looking for a fruit tree seller in Nadapuramr, come to the Veliyath garden, where you will find all tools and plants. Furthermore, if you are unable to visit our Periyar store, you may still purchase online. Through constant innovation, we have also been able to design optimum shipping packaging for our plants. Strong corrugated boxes are used by us while delivering our products.

Why Choose the Veliyath garden Koduvally, Kozhikode

As a consumer if one spends then they expect to get quality products. Quality products that may actually aid their well-being. At Veliyath it our prime goal to aid you in getting to your ideal health state. Owing to this we have developed several processes to ensure that our plants are of a high quality. Unlike most other nurseries and gardens we strictly refrain from using anything inorganic in to nurture our saplings. We specifically use manure that is taken from cow dung for nurturing our plants. Since they are nurtured under strict supervision of experts under organic conditions, they as a result bear healthy fruits Testimonies of our customers is evident of the same. The best part you can easily get these high quality rare fruit plants in Kozhikode just order our website and get exotic plants online in Koduvally. Choose Veliyath and you will not be disappointed. Purchase beautiful exotic rare plants for sale in Kozhikode.



  1. Who is the Best Exotic plants online seller in Koduvally, Kozhikode?

Ans: Definitely, Veliyath Garden since the boast 1000 plus varieties of exotic plants.

  1. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Nadapuram?

Ans: Veliyath Garden as they use organic means to grow their product.

  1. Best Rare fruit plants seller in Koduvally?

Ans: It is Veliyath Garden, since they have been in the business for some time and their expertise in the field is unmatched.