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Veliyath Gardens

Yellow Matoa Live Plant (Pometia Pinnata)

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Yellow Matoa is of best tasting and big size matoa variety.They got this name because of the skin colour of the fruit tured to yellow when fully ripe. It a tropical fruit tree originating in Papua. It is commonly known as Fiji longan, Taun Tree, Island Lychee, Tava, and Pacific Lychee. They got this name because of the skin colour of the fruit stays green whell fully ripe

The fruit is similar to litchi, is edible, and is a popular fruit to eat. The pulp of the fruit is transparent, soft and tender. It has a unique taste that like a mix of Lichee or longan and with a hint of  Durian.

It is rich in vitamins E and C. It is healthy and beneficial to the skin. The vitamin C content of Matoa fruit has anti-oxidant benefits that can release radicals that attack the immune system. The vitamin E content of Matoa fruit may also help relieve stress, increase stamina, improve fertility and minimize the risk of developing cancer and coronary heart disease. Vitamin E in fruits Matoa also plays an important part in maintaining healthy skin by maintaining and improving the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

Common Name: Fijian Longan, Taun Tree, Island Lychee, Tava, Pacific Lychee.

Botanical Name: Pometia Pinnata

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 2 to 3 Years 

Maintenance Required: Moderate