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Yellow Guabiroba Fruit Plant (Campomanesia adamantiumis )

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Common Names: Cerrado, Campo Guabiroba, Guavira, Guabiroba do Campo

Botanical Name: Campomanesia Adamantiumis

General Information:

Shrubby plant, reaching a height of no more than 2 meters when mature

Native to South America, specifically Paraguay, southern, central, and eastern Brazil

Produces beautiful green fruits that turn yellow when fully ripe

Sweet and juicy fruits, with the recommendation to avoid consuming the skin

Suitable for consumption in various forms: fresh, in juices, liqueurs, sweets, and ice creams.

Highly ornamental with rough leaves and beautiful white flowers preceding fruiting

Due to its small size, it can be easily grown in pots

Health Benefits:

Research suggests that substituting guava for high-fat foods may lower blood pressure in individuals with hypertension over 12 weeks.

Guava leaf extract may reduce pain and stiffness in people with knee pain.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 1 Year

Maintenance Required: Moderate