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Veliyath Gardens

Wild Banana Live Plant (Stauntonia leucantha)

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Stauntonia leucantha Diels ex Y. C. Wu (Lardizabalaceae family) is known locally as Ye'Xiangjiao (wild banana) in southern China because its fruit smells like bananas. it is a delicious wild fruit for local inhabitants. The fruit contains seven fatty acids, fifteen amino acids, a variety of mineral and trace elements, and high levels of sugars. It is used to treat endemic diseases (Chen, Tatemi, & Raven, 2001). Its stem is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and is used to treat rheumatic arthralgia, urination negative embolism, and edema (Hu, Du, Li, Chen, & Wei, 2016). Its fruit is widely used for soothing the liver, tonifying the kidney, and relieving pain.

Common Name: Ye'Xiangjiao, Wild Banana

Botanical Name:  Stauntonia leucantha

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate