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Watermelon Tree (Syzygium moorei)

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Syzygium moorei a majestic Syzygium of the Australian rain forest region. Notable for its intensely colorful, red-pink flowers, which are followed by fleshy, white fruits. The fruits are edible, but usually used in preserves. An unusual factor of this tree is cauliflory. Where flower and fruit form on the main stems or woody trunks rather than from new growth and shoots. This is mostly a tropical feature, and unusual in rainforest trees so far south in New South Wales. It is popular as a street tree in some parts of Australia, but generally still rare.


Common Name: Rose Apple, Coolamon, Robby, Durobby, Watermelon Tree, Coolamon Rose Apple

Botanical Name: Syzygium moorei

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 4-6 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate