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Val-Paraiso Jaboticaba Fruit Plant (Plinia Coronata "Val-Paraiso)

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Plant Type
  • Common Name: Val-Paraiso

  • Botanical Name: Plinia Coronata "Val-Paraiso"

  • General Information:

    • Upright growth habit with a dense crown.
    • Lanceolate leaves (5-8 cm), glossy, with pronounced central veins.
    • Huge sub-globose fruit, up to 4 cm.
    • Thin skin, several medium-size seeds, pronounced crown at the apex (up to 1 cm diameter).
    • Abundant producer of very sweet pulp with excellent flavor.
  • Health Benefits:

    • Rich source of bioactive compounds, particularly phenolic compounds.
    • High levels of anthocyanins and ellagitannins/ellagic acid.
    • Linked to health benefits, including prevention of oxidation, inflammation, atherosclerosis risk factors, cancer, and conditions involved with metabolic syndrome.
    • Enhances the immune system and gut microbiome.
    • Reduces asthma effects, has anti-inflammatory properties, delays aging, improves hair health, prevents cardiovascular diseases, prevents cancer, serves as a natural remedy for diarrhea, aids digestion, helps maintain weight, and fortifies bones.
  • Additional Information:

    • Jaboticaba juice has potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing traits.
    • Reduces asthma effects by clearing obstructed bronchi and airway passages.
    • Anti-inflammatory benefits extend to conditions like COPD.
    • Antioxidant properties combat free radicals and prevent cell damage, contributing to anti-aging effects.
    • Improves hair health and prevents hair loss.
    • Prevents cardiovascular diseases by regulating lipid metabolism and reducing cholesterol levels.
    • Effective against several strains of colon cancer cells.
    • Acts as a natural remedy for diarrhea and aids in digestion.
    • High fiber content helps regulate intestinal flora and stimulates digestion.
    • Helps maintain weight by controlling appetite and preventing overeating.
    • Fortifies bones with calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
  • Gardening Information:

    • Bloom Time/Fruiting: 4 to 5 Years.
    • Maintenance Required: Moderate.
  • Summary:

    • Plinia Coronata "Val-Paraiso" is a variety from the Otto Andersen collection at Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This jaboticaba tree exhibits an upright growth habit with a dense crown, lanceolate glossy leaves, and huge sub-globose fruits. Known for its abundance in production, this jaboticaba variety takes 4 to 5 years to fruit from seeds. Besides its appealing characteristics, jabuticaba has significant health benefits, being a rich source of bioactive compounds, including anthocyanins and ellagitannins. These compounds contribute to various health advantages, such as preventing oxidation, inflammation, atherosclerosis risk factors, cancer, and metabolic syndrome conditions. Val-Paraiso is a valuable addition to gardens, requiring moderate maintenance for successful cultivation.