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Uvaia Brilhante Fruit Plant (Eugenia Squamiflora)

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Uvaia Brilhante / Eugenia Squamiflora

Common Names: Uvaia Brilhante, Uvaia De Joinville

Botanical Name: Eugenia Squamiflora

Description: Uvaia Brilhante, also known as Eugenia Squamiflora, is a fascinating and highly regarded species from the Myrtaceae family. In its natural environment, it can grow up to 12 meters tall, although it typically reaches 3-4 meters in cultivation. The tree is particularly recommended as a honey tree and is aesthetically pleasing due to its abundance of white flowers. It thrives in subtropical and tropical climates, preferably in fertile soils with good drainage and a slightly damp consistency.

Fruit Characteristics: The fruit of Uvaia Brilhante is distinctive, featuring a vivid orange skin that is approximately 4 cm wide. The pulp is luscious with a flavor reminiscent of Uvaia (Eugenia pyriformis), known as one of the best-tasting Eugenias.

Health Benefits: The ethanolic root extract of Uvaria chamae P. Beauv (Annonaceae), a plant from the same family, has shown potential antidiabetic effects in studies conducted on diabetic rats. This suggests a possible alternative treatment for diabetes mellitus.

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate