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Three Leaf Akebia Live Plant (Akebia trifoliata)

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Akebia trifoliata is a delightful climbing vine featuring both edible fruit and ornamental scented flowers! The fruits grow to about 4" and have a sweetish flavor resembling a mixture of banana, passionfruit and lychee. The leaves can be used to make tea. The vine is hardy to well below 0F and will grow in most climates. Makes a beautiful ornamental and edible addition to any garden. Three-Leaf Akebia is similar to the Chocolate Vine and the two are often grown together as they cross-pollinate and produce more fruits. 

Common Name: Akebia, Three Leaf Akebia

Botanical Name: Akebia trifoliata

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 1 to 2 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate