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Veliyath Gardens

Taiwan Tiger Jaboticaba Fruit Plant

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Plant Type
    • Common Name: Taiwan Tiger
    • Botanical Name: Plinia Phitrantha Taiwan Tiger (Plinia Sp)
    • Introduction: Around 2021
  • General Information:

    • Flat, dark-green leaves.
    • Impressed primary nerve.
    • Low gloss with a slight crease along the primary vein.
    • Globose fruit with 5-20 light green or bronze costate ribs.
    • Ribs may vanish as fruit matures.
    • Ribs continue to be light green, creating a contrast with scarlet fruit.
    • Little sepal fragments on fruit apex, removable or consumed with fruit.
    • Attaches to the peduncle with a nipple or a projecting rostrate point.
    • Costate ribs create brilliant green streaks on scarlet fruit.
    • Delicious and juicy pulp.
  • Health Benefits:

    • Potent antioxidants.
    • Anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Anti-aging traits for improved skin health.
    • Respiratory health improvement.
    • Digestive stimulation.
    • Potential cancer prevention.
    • Cardiovascular health and diabetes regulation.
    • Asthma relief.
  • Cultivation Details:

    • Fruiting Time: 4 to 5 years

    • Maintenance Required: Moderate

    • Regular watering and fertilization for optimal growth.