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Syzygium longifolium Fruit Plant

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Botanical Name: Syzygium longifolium 

General Information: Syzygium longiflorum,  a small to medium-sized evergreen tree native to rainforests and gallery forests in New Caledonia. A spectacular, small to medium-sized evergreen tree, rarely exceeding 10 meters in height. It has glossy green leaves up to 45 cm long. The tree features stunning red to magenta flowers that grow on the trunk and branches, followed by plum-sized, purplish-black edible fruits.

Unique Features: This tree is remarkable for its drooping large bright green leaves and breathtaking inflorescences. It is a cauliflorous tree, bearing flowers and fruits directly on the trunk. The bright pink flowers are not inconspicuous and give way to elegant, plum-sized, purplish-black edible fruits.

Cultivation Tips:

Repotting: Recommended to repot in a pot slightly larger than the bucket, using well-draining soil. Plan for two repottings per year, gradually increasing the pot size.

Watering: Requires moderate watering. 

Placement: Ideally placed in a warm and bright location, suitable for both indoor and outdoor planting (limited to certain parts of Southern Europe).

Fertilization: The plant is grown naturally without chemical fertilizers. Regular repotting is advised instead of adding fertilizer.

Pest Control: Hand removal of pests, changing the soil, and using a strong stream of water can help control aphids and other pests. Additionally, spraying with diluted liquid black soap is recommended.