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Veliyath Gardens

Sugar-Apple Fruit plant (Annona Squamosa)

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Sugar Apple (Annona Squamosa):

Botanical Name: Annona Squamosa

Common Names: Sugar Apple, Custard Apple, Sweetsop, Buah Nona, Seri Kaya, Anona, Nona, Bullock's Heart.

General Information: Small, well-branched tree or shrub. Bears edible fruits known as sugar apples or sweetsops, Native to the tropical Americas and West Indies, Exact origin unknown, Widely grown as a commercial fruit tree globally, especially in India, Flesh is white with numerous black seeds, offering a sweet–creamy flavor, High caloric value and sugar content (58% dry mass).

Nutritional Content:

Rich in vitamin C.

High caloric value and sugar content.

Health Benefits:

Vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits.

Boosts the immune system.

Enhances the function of white blood cells.

Improves skin defenses.

Aids the body in fighting infections.

Cultivation Details:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 2 to 3 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate