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Seedfree Jack Live Plants

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Seedfree jack is a very interesting jack fruit variety. It is a fruit without any seed that can easily be cut into slices like Pineapple and eaten just by removing the green rind.

Common name: Jack tree, Kathal, Kanun 

Blooming time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years 

Maintenance required: Low

Planting and Care

It's key to keep the soil evenly moist, regularly weed around your jackfruit tree to prevent other plants from competing for nutrients and moisture in the soil. Mulch around the tree both can help to suppress weeds and to retain soil moisture.

Special Feature

Because of its anticarcinogenic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and hypoglycemic properties, the jack tree's fruits, leaves, and barks have been widely utilised in traditional medicine.


Its edible fruit and seed fruit can be eaten raw or prepared in various ways, making it a particular trait. Carbohydrate-rich pulp from immature fruit is commonly prepared as a vegetable. As the fruit ripens, some of the carbohydrates in the fruit are turned into sugars, making the fruit sweeter.