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Veliyath Gardens

Sea Grape Live Plant (Coccoloba uvifera)

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Sea grape is an evergreen shrub, or sometimes a tree, varying in height and habit according to its environment. In more exposed conditions it can be a spreading shrub just 1 metres tall, whilst in good soil in sheltered conditions it can sometimes grow up to 15 metres tall. The plant is often harvested from the wild as a food, medicine and source of wood - when available in sufficiently large sizes the wood is particularly valued for cabinet work and furniture. It is sometimes cultivated for its edible fruits and is often grown as an ornamental, being particularly useful as a hedge in maritime areas.
The round, berry-like fruits (2 cm wide) are tightly packed in long hanging chains. Purplish, fleshy fruits are pitted. Fruits are edible with sweet-sour flavor sometimes used to make jams and jellies. It is possible to make wine from the fruits.