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Veliyath Gardens

Sdok Fruit Plant

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Plant Type
  • Name: Sdok Fruit

General Information:

  • Rare Gem:
    • Sdok fruit is a special and uncommon delicacy in Cambodia, making it stand out in local markets. Sdok Fruit, with its rarity and moderate care needs, brings an exclusive touch to Cambodian gardens and culinary experiences.

Cultivation and Maintenance:

  • Growing Time:
    • Sdok fruit usually starts growing and bearing fruit within 2-3 years, which is relatively quick compared to other fruits.
  • Moderate Maintenance:
    • Growing Sdok fruit requires a moderate amount of care, making it manageable for local Cambodian gardeners.

Aesthetic and Culinary Appeal:

  • Aesthetic Beauty:
    • Besides being tasty, Sdok fruit might also look beautiful, adding visual charm to gardens or orchards where it's grown.
  • Culinary Exploration:
    • Finding Sdok fruit in local markets offers a unique taste. Trying it in local recipes and traditions can be a fun culinary adventure.