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Veliyath Gardens

Sausage Tree Live Plant (Kigelia Africana)

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Sausage tree is an extremely variable, semideciduous tree with a large, dense, spreading crown; it sometimes grows up to 23 metres tall but is usually smaller. An important medicinal plant in its native range, where it is commonly gathered from the wild for local use. The fruits are often sold in local markets and, more recently, the plant has become an ingredient in commercial applications to treat a range of skin complaints. It is native to Tropical Africa - Senegal to Sudan, south to S. Africa.

The fruits are not edible, even when fully ripe, and are said to be purgative and toxic. The seeds are roasted and used as a famine food. There are also a range of traditional uses for the fruit, varying from topical treatments for skin afflictions, to treatment for intestinal worms. There are some steroid chemicals found in the sausage tree that are currently added to commercially available shampoos and facial creams.


Common Name: Worsboom, Sausage Tree

Botanical Name: Kigelia Africana

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 4 to 5 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate