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Sarcaulus Brasiliensis Fruit plant (Sarcaulus Brasiliensis)

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Sarcaulus Brasiliensis Overview:

Scientific Name: Sarcaulus brasiliensis (Synonym: A.DC.) Eyma

Family: Sapotaceae

Common Name: Sarcaulus Brasiliensis

General Information: An evergreen tree with a dense, fairly wide, elongate crown. Can grow 6 - 12 meters tall. Bole is superficially grooved, with a diameter of 30 - 40 cm.

Native to South America (northern Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, the Guyanas) and Central America (Panama, Costa Rica).

Typically found as an understorey tree in uplands and on slopes in the rainforest. Thrives in locations near watercourses.

Cultivation Details: Succeeds in full sun to fairly dense shade. Requires a moist soil.

Uses: Fruit has sweet-tasting pulp.The yellow, globose fruit can be 25mm in diameter, containing 1 - 2 seeds. Wood is medium-textured, irregular-grained, light in weight, hard, with good resistance to attacks of wood-eating organisms. Used in general carpentry, for turned objects, and tool handles.