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Veliyath Gardens

Red Faisan Live Plant (Pouteria Viridis)

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Red Faisan  is a best tasting variety of Green sapote. It is a medium size, tropical to sub-tropical fruit tree with young branches coated in brown hairs, native to Guatemala and Costa Rica.  They are known to be lance-shaped with smooth edges. Green Sapote is a close relative of Mamey Sapote.

The fruit is round to ovoid, flesh is reddish pink, juicy, and creamy with a unique mouth-watering flavor, which is similar to Mamey sapote.There are many varieties of green sapote. The skin of the fruit is rough and brownish green in color.

Green Sapote is high in vitamin A, calcium, Iron, potassium, and magnesium.

Common Name: White Faisan, Zapote de Montana, Yashtul , Red faisan, Green sapote

Botanical Name:  Pouteria Viridis

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 5 Years 

Maintenance Required:  Moderate