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Veliyath Gardens

R2E2 Mango Live Plant (Mangifera indica)

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R2E2 is a medium-to-highly vigorous tree with an upright, open canopy. Branches are brittle and easily snap. The tree grows extremely fast in the first few years after planting. It is a mid-to-late season variety maturing 2-4 weeks after Kensington Pride. The fruit is firm when ripe and has an extended shelf life. For best flavour and appearance, the fruit should be harvested when the nose of the fruit shows signs of yellowing.
 R2E2 is known for its sweet, creamy texture and intense tropical flavours. The fruit is green-yellow in colour, with a yellow-orange blush. Mango R2e2 has a sweet, creamy flavour with intense tropical notes. It is slightly tart, with a hint of citrus and a hint of spice.

Common Name: Jumbo red, R2E2

Botanical Name: Mangifera indica

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate