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Pitanga de Perdiz Fruit Plants (Eugenia Observa)

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Common Names: Pitanga de Perdiz, Guamirim Vermelho do Cerrado, Guamirim de Perdiz

Botanical Name: Eugenia Observa

General Information: Native to central and southern Brazil.

Fast-growing, shrubby bush or small tree, Resembles Eugenia Reinwardtiana, Small, red-colored fruit, Flavor akin to persimmon and dragon fruit with hints of red guavas.

Health and Traditional Uses:

Potential to prevent heartburn. Believed to lower blood pressure. Historical use for colic and bronchitis. Traditionally used for alleviating stomachaches. Offers potential bronchial comfort.

Cultivation Information:

Moderate maintenance for optimal growth.

Begins blooming and fruiting within 2-3 years.

Planting and Care

It does not withstand frost and therefore should not be planted in frost prone areas.

Special Feature

Pitanga de Perdiz is also a great source of antioxidants, one can consume them in order to purify blood.


They can be eaten fresh or be processed to create very good liqueurs, juices, ice cream, sauces and more. Apart from the fruit the tree also has a hard wood that is used commercially for its tough nature.