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Phitrantha Rosa Fruit Plant ( Plinia Phitrantha Rosa )

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Botanical Name: Plinia sp. Rosa (Jaboticaba cultivar, likely derived from Phitrantha)

Origin: Imported to the United States from Hong Kong around the year 2020

Cultivation Time: 3-4 years from seed to fruiting

Health Benefits:

Remedies Respiratory Anomalies, Potent Anti-Inflammatory Effects,Promotes Skin Health, Stimulates Hair Growth, Prevents Cancer, Augments Heart Health, Remedies Diarrhoea, Good For The Gut.

Summary: Plinia sp. Rosa is a Jaboticaba cultivar of unknown species, likely derived from Phitrantha. Imported to the United States from Hong Kong around 2020, it is characterized by 1-4 big seeds with Phitrantha gene markers. The fruit features sweet, succulent flesh, and the plant typically starts fruiting 3-4 years from seed. Besides its excellent sweet flavor, Plinia sp. Rosa is associated with various health benefits, including remedying respiratory anomalies, providing potent anti-inflammatory effects, promoting skin health, stimulating hair growth, preventing cancer, enhancing heart health, remedying diarrhea, and being beneficial for the gut.