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Pathamuttam Varikka Live Plants

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Pathamuttam Varikka is a super sweet, red flake jack fruit variety native to Pathamuttom, a village in the Kottayam district, in the Indian state of Kerala. The orangish red flakes are very crunchy and sweet. The average weight of the fruit is 15-20 kg.

Common Name: Red Jackfruit, Pathamuttam Varikka, Pathamuttam Jack fruit

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate




Planting and Care

Most of the red flesh trees are seen on dry land areas, receiving rainfall anywhere between 600-800mm, resulting in good aroma, taste, and pulp crispness.

Special Feature

It is not only tasty but also has a high nutritive value.


Red jackfruit will increase the appeal of jackfruit ice-cream, fruit bowl and as additives for desserts like Kesari bath, fruit salad etc. If separately pulped, it will have a distinct demand in preparation of toffees, milk shake etc.