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Paradise Nut Live Plant (Lecythis zabucajo)

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Lecythis zabucajo, the sapucaia or paradise nut, is a large deciduous tree growing up to 30 metres tall. Native to Western S. America - northern Brazil.. The edible seeds are gathered from the wild for local use and also sold in markets. Seeds can be eaten raw. They are similar to the Brazil nut in size and shape. When ripe, the ivory-white kernels have a delicious flavour with a soft, almost creamy texture. The seeds are said to be sweeter than Brazil nuts, with a superior flavour and easier to digest. It is a  very nutritious seed, containing about 63% oil or fat and 20% protein.


Common Name: Sapucaia, Monkey nut, Paradise nut

Botanical Name: Lecythis zabucajo

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 5 to 7 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate