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Nyatoh Fruit Plant (Palaquium rostratum)

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Common Names: Buah nyatu, Nyatoh

Botanical Name: Palaquium rostratum

General Information:

Evergreen tree growing up to 45 meters tall, Straight, cylindrical bole can be 120 - 200 cm in diameter with large plank buttresses. Native to Southeast Asia - Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. 

Provides edible fruit and oil, gathered from the wild for local use, Useful timber, used locally and traded under the name 'Nyatoh', Fruits are long, green, drupes about 24 - 40 mm long, tasting like a very sweet avocado


Wood: Reddish-brown wood is light in weight, durable, and easily worked

Attractive timber used for furniture, floors, boards, beams, canoes, house construction, and paneling, Belongs to a group of timbers collectively called 'Nyatoh'

Heartwood is dark pink to red-brown, clearly demarcated from the 4 - 9 cm wide band of lighter-colored sapwood

Texture is medium; grain straight or interlocked, sometimes wavy

Light in weight, soft to moderately hard; strong, somewhat durable, resistant to dry wood borers, moderately resistant to fungi but susceptible to termites

Variable content of silica; high blunting effect requires special tools

Used for high-class furniture, cabinet making, solid doors, paneling, joinery, parquet flooring, boat decking, light carpentry, turnery, molding, and veneer

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate