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Needle Flower Tree plant (Posoqueria latifolia)

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Needle Flower Tree (Posoqueria latifolia)

Botanical Name: Posoqueria latifolia

General Characteristics:

Native to South America - Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, north through Central America to Mexico.

Habitat: Thrives in rainforests, particularly in humid forests on volcanic soils.

Size: Compact evergreen shrub or small tree, reaching heights of 6 - 15 meters.

Flowering: Blooms when there is a period of heavy rain following a dry period.

Fruit: Edible, appreciated locally. A sweet, fleshy aril with a diameter of about 5cm.

Medicinal Uses:

Bark: Contains a blood-clotting agent. Used in the Amazon to treat wounds caused by poison arrows.

Explored in trials as an AIDS vaccine.

Other Uses:

Repellent: Dried, powdered flowers used to repel fleas.

Wood: Small calliper, finely grained dense wood is utilized for making walking sticks.

Growing Conditions:

Light: Prefers full sun or bright shade.

Soil: Flourishes in deep, rich, moisture-retentive soil.