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Mundu Fruit Plants (Garcinia Dulcis)

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Common Names: Baniti, Goruka, Egg Tree, Rata Fruit.

Botanical Name: Garcinia Dulcis

General Information: Mundu Fruit, also known as Garcinia Dulcis, is a globe-shaped fruit with a tangy taste. Garcinia Dulcis is an evergreen tree that is harvested from the wild as a local source of food, medicines, and dyeing material.

The fruit has pale yellow textured thin outer skin. It has fibrous pulp and can be eaten raw but is somewhat sour. The orange-colored fruits have thin skin and are 5 - 8cm wide with slightly pointed ends and contain 1 to 5 seeds.

The fruits can be eaten fresh and have an acid, soft, juicy pulp. They can also be made into excellent jams.

Health Benefits:

Fruit extracts are used as an expectorant for coughs or to treat scurvy. Crushed roots are used to relieve fever and counteract poisoning.

Crushed bark and gum resin are used to treat wounds, and pounded seeds are applied to swellings.

The fruit helps heal wounds, manage pain, and maintain skin health. It is effective for treating bile problems and diarrhea. Mundu fruit is also helpful for bad breath and is used to treat burns.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 4-5 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Planting and Care

Grows best in tropical climates where the temperature is usually, tends to grow under clear and cloudy skies, yet it can grow under a moderate shade as well, better adapted to tropical wet and dry climatic zones, where the photoperiod lasts 12 or less hours.

Special Feature

The fruit helps heal wounds, manage pain and maintain skin health. The fruit is effective for treating bile problems and diarrhoea. Munu fruit is also helpful for bad breath and is used to treat burns as well.


Crushed fruit extract is used to provide relief from scurvy, the crushed bark is used to clean wounds, pounded leaves are applied to cure swellings. The fruit is consumed fresh or served in sherbets. The fruits are also made into jam, fruit paste and butter.