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Veliyath Gardens

Maripa Palm Live Plant (Attalea maripa)

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Attalea maripa, commonly called maripa palm is a palm native to tropical South America and Trinidad and Tobago.It is a is a single-stemmed, evergreen palm growing 7 - 24 metres tall.The tree has a range of uses and is often cultivated in parts of S. America. In particular, the edible fruits are popular throughout the Amazon region, often being found for sale in local markets The seed is also eaten,. The fruits are up to 5cm long and it has a succulent, aromatic, almost fibreless pulp with a sweet, pleasant flavour.

Common Name: Inaja, Naj, Cucurite palm, Kokerit-palm, anaja, cocorite

Botanical Name: Attalea maripa

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 6 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate