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Mak Dauy Fruit Plants (Madhuca Thorelii)

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Mak Dauy (Madhuca Thorelii): A Sweet Arboreal Treasure from Southeast Asia

Common Name: Butter Tree

Botanical Name: Madhuca Thorelii

General Information: Medium-sized tree hailing from Thailand and Cambodia. Belongs to the Sapotaceae family and the Magnoliopsida species. Fresh fruits with a sweet taste, reminiscent of Sapodilla (Manilkara Zapota). Culinary use as a delectable fresh snack.

Health and Medicinal Uses:

Traditionally believed to help manage blood sugar levels. Suggested potential in preventing cancer, showcasing its diverse properties.

Historical use for improving symptoms of gout, contributing to its medicinal reputation. Attributes associated with acting as an anticonvulsant in traditional medicine.

Cultivation Details:

Begins blooming and fruiting around 7-8 years.

Moderate maintenance for optimal growth.

Planting and Care

It grows best where the mean annual rainfall is between 550 - 1,500m, requires a sunny position, prefers a deep loamy or sandy-loam soil with good drainage.

Special Feature

It is used as Anti diabetic, antiulcer, hepatoprotective, antipyretic, anti fertility, analgesic, anti oxidant, swelling, inflammation, piles, emetic, dermatological, laxative, tonic, anti burn, anti earthworm, wound healing headache and many more problems.


They are eaten fresh or dried, powdered and cooked with flour, used as a sweetener or fermented to make alcohol. Mahua flowers are considered to be a cooling agent, carminative, galactagogue, and astringent. It is also reported to be beneficial for heart, skin, and eye diseases.