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Mahkota Dewa Fruit Plants (Phaleria Macrocarpa)

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Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria Macrocarpa): Nature's Healing Crown

Common Names: God's Crown, Pau, Makuto Rojo, Mahkota Dewa, Makuto Mewo, Makuto Queen, Crown of Gods

Botanical Name: Phaleria Macrocarpa

General Information:

Origin: Indigenous to Indonesia.

Outer skin transitions from green to vibrant red.

The inner flesh is white, fibrous, and watery.

Health and Wellness Benefits:

Recognized globally for its antioxidant properties. Aids in removing toxins from the body.

Benefits include lowering and stabilizing blood sugar. Addresses high cholesterol levels. Stimulates blood circulation for increased vitality.

Cultivation Details:

Blooming Time/Fruiting: 1-2.5 years.

Maintenance: Moderate care required for successful cultivation.


Planting and Care

While suitable for cultivation in pots, growth is better when the tree is planted directly into the ground. Use a well-draining media, such as a mixture of soil, compost, and sand in equal parts. The tree requires a lot of water in its first flowering phase.

Special Feature

Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties are well-known in traditional Chinese medicine. Mahkota Deva fruit is still commonly utilized today as an alternative medicine because of the widespread belief.


Mahkota Deva is a decorative and medicinal plant commonly found in backyard gardens. Parts of plants used as medicine are the leaves, meat and fruit leather.