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Loquat Fruit Plant (Eriobotrya japonica)

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Plant Type

Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)

Botanical Name: Eriobotrya japonica

Common Name: Japanese medlar or Japanese plum, Loquat

General Information:

Native to East Asia, specifically southern China.

Large evergreen shrub or tree.

Dense, rounded crown.

Round, obovoid, or pear-shaped fruits.

Tough skin with three or four large seeds.

Whitish to orange-colored juicy flesh.

Small, fragrant, white flowers.

Arranged in dense terminal clusters.

Thick, stiff leaves.

Clustered toward the ends of branches.

Grown commercially for fruit and leaves.

Commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant.

Propagation through shield budding and cleft grafting.

Trees are usually grafted for superior varieties.

Resistant to most diseases and insect pests.

Nutritional Value:

High in fiber, vitamin A, and antioxidants.

Commonly eaten fresh.

Health Benefits:

Rich in nutrients.

Packed with plant compounds.

Promote heart health.

Have anticancer properties.

Improve metabolic health.

Offer anti-inflammatory properties.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate