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Lemba Fruit Plants (Curculigo Capitulata)

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Lemba Fruit (Curculigo Capitulata): The Miracle Ginger

Common Names: Lemba, Lumbah, Sweet Seed Plant

Botanical Name: Curculigo Capitulata 

General Information: Stemless, evergreen perennial, Clusters of leaves from roots, reaching 60cm tall. Lemba, the Miracle Ginger, encompasses a taste journey from sour to sweet, revealing botanical wonders in its curculin-rich composition. 

Culinary Uses: Despite initial sourness, post-Lemba consumption makes subsequent food taste sweet. Curculin is responsible for the intriguing taste phenomenon.

Medicinal uses: All plant parts are used in folk medicine. Leaves yield lightweight fiber for nets, rope, and cloth. Roots brewed for various medicinal purposes. Ailment Alleviation,  Distended stomach: Consume leaves. Cough: Chew fruit with betel leaves. Addresses swelling, cuts, malaria, kidney disorders, headaches, ulcers, and cough.

Cultivation Guidelines:

Thrives in fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil.

Suitable for warm temperate to tropical climates.

Planting and Care

As a fibre plant, it may be grown in the humid subtropics and virtually frost-free, warm temperate environments, but it is more commonly grown as an ornamental in warm temperate to tropical locations. Fertilized, humus-rich, but well-drained soil is required.

Special Feature

Lemba Fruit is used for the treatment of consumptive cough, kidney asthenia, asthma, jaundice, diarrhea, treat urinary tract infection and hypertension.


There is a protein called curculingo, which has a sweet flavor and can be used in the culinary business. In folk medicine, the plant's many parts treat various ailments. Fiber from the leaves can manufacture nets, rope, and textiles. Herbs made from the roots are used to treat a variety of conditions.