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Veliyath Gardens

Lama Fruit Live Plant (Diospyros sandwicensis)

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Lama is a Hawaiian Islands native fruit from the ebony family. It belongs to the same genus as both persimmons and ebony. This attractive shrub or small tree grows 2 to 15 m in height. There are two species of Lama: Diospyros sandwicensis and Diospyros hillebrandii. D. Sandwicensis can be found on all the main islands except Kaho'olawe and Ni'ihau from near sea level to about 4,000 feet elevation. While, D. Hillebrandii is endemic only to Oʻahu and Kauaʻi. It is gathered from the wild for its edible fruits, wood and for medicinal purposes. The yellow to red fruits are Sweet and juicy when fully ripe. 

Common Name: Lama, Elama, Hawaiian Ebony

Botanical Name: Diospyros sandwicensis

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate