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Kuwini Mango Fruit Plant (Mangifera odorata)

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Common Name: Saipan Mango, Fragrant Mango, Kuini, Kweni, Kuweni, Kuwini, Wani

Botanical Name: Mangifera odorata

General Information:

A medium-sized tree with a globose crown of relatively light foliage, Typically grows from 10 to 15 meters tall, rarely exceeding 20 meters. Belongs to the family Anacardiaceae. Native to E. Asia, specifically Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Known as Kuini, meaning fragrant or perfumed in Latin. One of the most famous and best members of the Mangifera genus from Borneo, Best known for its exceptionally fragrant aroma, filling up a hall with the scent of one ripe fruit. Excellent fruit quality with sweet thick flesh, low fiber, and a strong aroma. Considered an extremely super tasty mango

Additional Information:

Mangifera Odorata, commonly known as Kuini, Kwini, Kuweni, Kuwini, Kuinin, or Saipan Mango, is commonly found along coastal towns or travel routes in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Mangiferin, found in kuini, is a polyphenolic antioxidant and a glucosyl xanthone, known for its strong antioxidant, anti-lipid peroxidation, immunomodulation, cardiotonic, hypotensive, wound healing, antidegenerative, and antidiabetic activities.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate