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Kungkuni Fruit Plant (Baccaurea Odoratissima)

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Common Name: Kungkuni

Botanical Name: Baccaurea odoratissima

General Information:

Native to Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Small to medium-sized tree from the Phyllanthaceae family.

Shrub or tree with a dense crown, reaching 2 - 17 meters in height. The unbuttressed bole can be 5 - 20cm in diameter.

Known for its vibrant appearance, with red skin opening to reveal bright blue-coloured pulp. Fruits are cherry-sized with a sour-sweet flavor.

Grows wild in the Bornean jungles, sometimes collected for market sales. Prefers a tropical environment for optimal growth.

The edible fruit is occasionally gathered from the wild for local use. Considered a good support tree for climbing rattan palms, used for basket making, weaving, and rope production.

Other Uses:

The bark is used, along with other ingredients, as a dyestuff to color silk yellow, red, or mauve.

Most members of this genus produce excellent timber for building houses, boats, and making furniture.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate