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Kor Koh Fruit Plants (Sindora Siamensis)

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Kor Koh (Sindora Siamensis) - The Spiny Pod Tree: A Bounty of Beauty and Utility

Common Name: Spiny Pod Tree

Botanical Name: Sindora Siamensis

General Information:Kor Koh/Sindora tree has a dense, spreading, umbrella-like crown and is either deciduous or semievergreen. The tree can be cultivated as an attractive, shade-giving tree and has a lovely shape. The roasted seeds are a component of several desserts and are used to make a beverage similar to tea. The fruits can be eaten and are occasionally chewed in Cambodian betel quids. Wood is valued as a resource.

Cultivation Information:

Blooming Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Planting and Care

Requires full sun from early age, light shade when young

Special Feature

Kor Koh is a deciduous or semi evergreen tree with a dense, spreading, umbrella-like crown. The tree has a beautiful shape and can be grown as an ornamental, shade-providing tree.


The roasted seeds are used to make a tea like drink and is part of some desserts. The fruits are edible, and are sometimes chewed in a betel quid in Cambodia. While the wood is considered valuable, the plant provides raw material for chemical products, food and drink, and domestic utensils.