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Koobooberry Live Plant (Mystroxylon aethiopicum )

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Mystroxylon aethiopicum is a usually evergreen shrub or a tree native to much of eastern and southern Africa. Does well in drier zones and will likely tolerate light frosts. it usually grows from 2 - 12 metres tall, but exceptionally can reach 20 metres. The bark is commonly harvested from the wild for medicinal use, being valued especially for its beneficial effect upon the stomach. It is amongst the most commonly used medicinal plants in Madagascar and is sold in local markets The plant is also a local source of food. 
 The fruit is a bright red to purplish-red, globose to ovoid drupe up to 20mm in diameter. It has sweet, candy-like flavor. 

Common Name: Koobooberry

Botanical Name: Mystroxylon aethiopicum 

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3-4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate