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Veliyath Gardens

Kiwano Melon Fruit plant (Cucumis metuliferus)

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Cucumis metuliferus (African Horned Cucumber)

Common Names: African horned cucumber, horned melon, spiked melon, jelly melon, kiwano, cuke-a-saurus.

Botanical Name: Cucumis metuliferus

General Information:

Origin: Kalahari, Africa (wild growth).

Type: Vigorous, annual, climbing plant.

Stems: Up to 3 meters long, scrambling over the ground, climbing into surrounding vegetation with tendrils.

Family: Cucumber and melon family (Cucurbitaceae).

Fruits Appearance: The ripe fruit has orange skin and lime green, succulent, slightly sweet jelly-like flesh.

Spines: Horn-like spines, giving it the name "horned melon."

Edibility: Seeds and leaves are also edible.

Flavor: Cucumber/lime flavor, sweet and tart with a banana-lime taste.

Health Benefits: Improved digestion, High antioxidant content,  Weight loss, Improved vision and bone strength, Sugar regulation, Diabetes prevention.

Culinary Use:

Ripe fruit cut open and sprinkled with sugar for enhanced flavor.

Can be served halved or combined with other fruits in desserts or drinks.

Size of a large pear, generally weighing less than one pound.

Cultivation Details:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: Within 1 year

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Climate: Thrives in tropical and subtropical climates.