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Kepel Fruit Plants (Stelechocarpus Burahol)

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Plant Type
  • Common Names: Burahol, Kepel, Kepel Fruit, Keppel Fruit, or Kepel Apple
  • Botanical Name: Stelechocarpus Burahol

General Information:

  • Native Region: Indonesia.
  • Beyond bearing tasty fruits, it's a beautiful ornamental tree with colorful leaves and blooms.
  •  Acts as an "internal perfume," giving breath and physiological fluids a distinctive violet aroma.
  • Blends ornamental beauty, culinary delight, and nutritional excellence.
  • Creamy, pale orange flesh with sizes ranging from tiny to medium, oval or round shapes.
  •  Tropical flavor reminiscent of papaya, mango, and coconut.
  • Skin changes from green to leathery yellow-brown when mature.

Health Benefits:

  • Supports clearer skin, strengthens the liver, kidneys, and lungs, and purifies the blood. Has antioxidant properties and anti-cancer potential.
  • Contains vitamin A, offering protection against vision loss and supporting overall organ health.
  • Used as a natural diuretic in Indonesia, aiding kidney cleansing. Also serves as an anti-aging agent

Cultivation Information:

  • Bloom Time/Fruiting: 7-8 Years
  • Maintenance: Moderate

    Planting and Care

    Loose soil, enough watering and good sunlight are needed for the plant.

    Special Feature

    It improves body foul odour, fights urine discharge, purifies blood, prevents ailments concerning kidneys, liver, and lungs, its leaves decrease cholesterol and uric acid and cures joint pain. The fruit is a store of Vitamins A and C and it also acts as a medicine to prevent pregnancy.


    The wood from Kepel Tree is used to make kitchen utensils. Kepel fruit with its adsorbent quality and probiotic value has a pharmacological use.