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Keledang Fruit Plants (Artocarpus Lanceifolius)

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Common Name: Timakon or Kaliput

Botanical Name: Artocarpus Lanceifolius

Native Region: Southeast Asia, specifically in Indonesia's Kalimantan region.

General Information: Keledang Fruits/ Artocarpus Lanceifolius is a scarce species of Southeast Asia, and they are only found in Indonesia’s Kalimantan. It looks similar to jackfruit but is different from the outside, and the taste is a mix of both jackfruit and mangosteen. The underside of the tree’s twigs, leaf stalks, and veins are covered with rigid hair.

Fruit Characteristics: Keledang fruits resemble jackfruit but have a distinct taste that combines elements of jackfruit and mangosteen. The sweet orange flesh is typically consumed raw, while the seeds can be roasted and eaten. The tree's twigs, leaf stalks, and veins are covered with rigid hair on the underside.

Health Benefits

Supports digestion, fortifies the immune system, and even aids in maintaining healthy skin.

Bloom Time/Fruiting: Keledang trees usually start fruiting around 2 to 3 years after planting.

Maintenance Required: Cultivating Keledang fruits requires high maintenance.