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Junglesop Fruit Plants (Anonidium Mannii)

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Junglesop (Anonidium Mannii) Overview:

Common Name: Junglesop

Botanical Name: Anonidium Mannii

General Infomration:

Indigenous to Tropical Africa, specifically found in Ghana, Gabon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Growth Characteristics: Fast-growing tropical African tree. Grows to a height of 8–30 m with a girth of up to 2 m. Seasonal fruit production typically begins after approximately ten years.

Fruit Characteristics: Produces the second-largest fruit globally, weighing typically between 4 to 7 kg, occasionally reaching up to 15 kg.

Soft yellow-orange flesh with a distinctive flavour that can range from sweet to sour, influenced by genetic factors and fruit maturity.

Health Benefits: Rich in Vitamin A, contributing to overall health benefits.

Maintenance and Cultivation:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: Usually occurs 3-5 years after planting.

Maintenance Required: Moderate, making it suitable for cultivation.


Planting and Care

It is grown in warm, temperate, and tropical climates and can survive in both shady regions and drought conditions.

Special Feature

Junglesop leaves are a natural remedy for pain. Relieves arthritis pain. It also helps sore muscles. Rheumatic diseases are seen in older people or athletes.junglesop leaves work remarkably well as an herbal remedy to treat back pain. It is beneficial to treat waist pain.


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