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Jaboticaba Rosada Fruit Plant (Plinia Cauliflora "Polpa Rosea")

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Common Name: Polpa Rosea, Jaboticaba Rosada, Jaboticaba Polpa Rosea

Botanical Name: Plinia Cauliflora

General Information:

Rare variety of jaboticaba from the Myrtaceae family.

Native to Brazil.

Well-suited for container cultivation.

3cm fruits with black skin.

Sweet, juicy pink flesh.

Medicinal Properties:

Alleviation of intestinal inflammation.

Obesity-associated endotoxemia.

Sun protection due to antioxidant activity.

Wound healing capacity.

Anti-inflammatory, hypoglycaemic, hypolipidemic.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 5 to 7 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate