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Ingabau Fruit Plant (Eugenia beaurepairiana)

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Common Name: Ingabau, Uvai do Visconde

Botanical Name: Eugenia beaurepairiana

General Information: Eugenia beaurepairiana is a medium-sized tree characterized by its elongated crown, reaching heights of 4 to 6 meters when cultivated and up to 20 meters in the forest. Endemic to the Atlantic Forest along the coast, it is native to states such as São Paulo, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, and Santa Catarina in Brazil. The plant thrives in well-drained or wetter soils, and for optimal production.

The edible fruit of Eugenia beaurepairiana is gathered from the wild and consumed locally. Resembling the common uvaia, these fruits are noted for being sweeter and tastier. They can be enjoyed in their raw state and are also utilized in the preparation of juices and ice cream.

Medicinal Uses: Eugenia beaurepairiana has known medicinal properties, acting as an antiseptic and astringent. Its consumption is believed to reduce inflammation and enhance lung function. In addition to its culinary applications, the plant is used in folk medicine.

Cultivation Details:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate