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Veliyath Gardens

Honey Star fruit Live Plant (Averrhoa carambola hybrid)

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Honey Star fruit or Honey Carambola is one of the sweetest Star fruit from Thailand. It is a wonderful carambola that produces an abundance of medium-big sized yellow fruit that turn orange when ripe. It has the typical star fruit shape when sliced open, and the delicious fruit is very sweet crisp, juicy and without fiber. Mature trees will produce two or three times a year, and it is one of the sweetest carambolas in cultivation. It can be maintained at a desirable height by pruning. Its good for pots and terrace gardens.

Common Name: Honey Star fruit ,Honey Carambola

Botanical Name:  Averrhoa carambola hybrid

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 6 months to 1 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate