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Honey Drop Jaboticaba Live Plant

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Honey Drop Jaboticaba /Pingo de Mel Jaboticaba is the sweetest Plinia Jaboticaba variety of them all. Its flavor is also regarded as the best of all Jaboticaba. This Jaboticaba was the variety chosen by the famous “Fazenda Jaboticabal” at Hidrolandia (State of Goias) for their over 42,000 tree plantation. This makes this Jaboticaba the most cultivated Jaboticaba in the world. If you are going to grow rare plants, you must grow Jaboticaba. If you are going to grow tropical plants, you must grow Jaboticaba. And since you are growing Jaboticaba, this is one Jaboticaba you must have.

Common Name: Pingo de Mel, Honey Drop

Botanical Name: Plinia SP Pingo De Mel

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 4 to 5 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate