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Guaburiti Jaboticaba Fruit Plant (Plinia Rivularis)

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Plant Type
  • Guaburiti Jaboticaba (Plinia Rivularis): The Rare Delight from Myrtaceae Family

    • Common Names: Guaburiti, Jaboticabarana, Jaburiti, Cambuca Peixoto, Jabuticaba de Cacho, Piuna Guaporeti, Baporeti
    • Botanical Name: Plinia Rivularis
  • General Information:

    • Rare Jaboticaba species from the Myrtaceae family
    • Native to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, and the Caribbean
    • Slow-growing tree taking 5 to 7 years to bear fruit from a seedling
    • Small berry-like fruits with a delicious flavor
    • Eaten fresh or used in various beverages and desserts
  • Health Benefits:

    •  A nutrient-dense fruit with low-calorie content.
    • Potential benefits for the immune system.
    • May contribute to weight loss due to its low-calorie nature.
    • May help prevent insulin resistance and diabetes.
    • Heart Health: Consumption may contribute to improved heart health.
    • High in powerful antioxidants beneficial for health.
    • Potential to reduce the risk of kidney stones.
    • Contributes to hydration due to its water content.
    • Can have positive effects on the skin.
    • Convenient to incorporate into various dishes.
  • Cultivation Details:

    • Bloom Time/Fruiting: 5 to 7 Years
    • Maintenance Required: Moderate