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Giant Mulchi Fruit Plants (Plinia Inflata "Giant")

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Giant Mulchi (Plinia Inflata "Giant") Overview:

Common Name: Mulchi or Shawi

Botanical Name: Plinia Inflata "Giant"

General Information:

The Giant Mulchi is renowned for its sizeable, succulent, and sweet pulp, offering an abundance of rich flavor.

While not particularly aromatic, the fruit stands out for its palatable qualities.

Health Benefits:

The pulp, especially in proximity to the seed, is not only ample but also enriched with essential nutrients and dietary fiber.

High Antioxidant Content: The Giant Mulchi is believed to boast a significant concentration of antioxidants, contributing to potential health benefits.

Management of Health Conditions: The fruit is considered valuable in the management of conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and high blood sugar levels.

Growth and Maintenance:

Blooming Time/Fruiting: Typically occurs 3-4 years after cultivation.

Maintenance Required: Moderate, making it relatively manageable for cultivation.

Planting and Care

Mulchi is a multipurpose fruit tree. Besides providing tasty edible fruits, mulchi is also a good ornamental tree. So its planting in gardens should be encouraged. Mulchi trees do best in partial shade.

Special Feature

The fruit is believed to have high antioxidant content and is also good for treating hypertension, diabetes, or high sugar level in the blood.


Muchi fruits are tasty and eaten out of hand. These are also made into jam or jelly. In Peru, a popular liqueur is from mulchi fruits.