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Gab Fruit Plant (Diospyros malabarica)

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Diospyros malabarica (Indian Persimmon)

Common Names: Gaub tree, Malabar ebony, Black-and-white ebony, Pale moon ebony

Botanical Name: Diospyros malabarica

General Information:

Native to East Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia. Evergreen tree with a much-branched, spreading crown. Can grow 15 - 25 meters tall.

Uses: Harvested for dye materials, gum, medicinal and edible fruit. Occasionally cultivated, especially in India and Thailand. Ornamental use.

Health Benefits:

Bark, leaves, flowers, and fruits are used in Ayurvedic medicine. Used for cold diseases, coughs, blood pressure, diabetes, and more.

Control of blood pressure and diabetes. Reduction of the risk of heart disease, stroke, intestinal disorders, and colon cancer.

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate