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Veliyath Gardens

Fukugi Tree Fruit Plant (Garcinia subelliptica)

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Plant type

Garcinia subelliptica (Happiness Tree)

Common Names: Happiness Tree, Philippine Fortune Tree, Fukugi,

Botanical Name: Garcinia subelliptica

General Information:

Type: Evergreen tree with a compact conical crown and ornamental glossy leaves.

Size: Small tree, growing 2 – 12 meters.

Distribution: Coastal forests of East and Southeast Asia, including the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

Use: Harvested from the wild for use as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Flowers and Fruits:

Flowers: Small, greenish-cream-colored.

Fruits: Yellow fleshy fruit with a sour, sweet, astringent flavor.

Medicinal Properties:

Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Antiplasmodial

Cultivation Details:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 4-6 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate