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Feijoa Fruit Plant (Acca sellowiana)

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Plant Type

Common Name: Guavasteen, Pineapple Guava

Botanical Name: Acca sellowiana

General Information:

Type: Evergreen, flowering plant

Native: Highlands of southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, Uruguay, northern Argentina, Colombia

Size: 10 to 15 ft tall

Fruit: Sweet aromatic fruit, Guava-like taste and appearance, Creamy white flesh with translucent pulp

Health Benefits: Rich in potassium, aids muscle and nerve function, regulates heartbeat, helps lower blood pressure and stroke risk

Cultivation Information:

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 2 to 3 Years

Maintenance Required: Moderate

Sun Exposure: Prefers full sun but tolerates partial shade

Summary: Feijoa, also known as Guavasteen or Pineapple Guava, is an evergreen, flowering plant native to southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and parts of Argentina. The tree, reaching 10 to 15 ft tall, is cultivated for its sweet, aromatic fruit with guava-like taste and appearance. Feijoa prefers full sun, consistent soil moisture, and well-drained soil but is adaptable to various soil types. Regular consumption can provide health benefits, including potassium-rich nutrients that aid in muscle and nerve function, regulate heartbeat, and contribute to lower blood pressure and stroke risk.