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EVIARC The Sweetest Jackfruit Plant:-

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Name: Abuyog Sweet Jackfruit, EVIARC Sweet Jackfruit

Common Name:- Abuyog Sweet Jackfruit, EVIARC,

Botanical Name: Not specified, but it is a variety of jackfruit

Origin: Developed by the Department of Agriculture Eastern Visayas Agricultural Research Centre (EVIARC) in Abuyog, Philippines

Unique Qualities: This jackfruit variety is officially recognized as the sweetest in the world, with a remarkable Brix level of 25.1 to 26. It is known for its bright yellow arils that are firm and often described as almost crunchy. The average weight of the fruit from this variety is approximately 12 kilograms.

Health Benefits:- Jackfruit helps in healthy digestion. Jackfruit protects against cancer. Jackfruit is good for eye and skin. Jackfruit controls the blood pressure.

Fruiting: Budded or grafted plants of the EVIARC Sweet Jackfruit typically begin to bear fruits within 3 to 4 years of planting.