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Envira Caju Fruit Plant (Onychopetalum periquino )

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Botanical Name: Onychopetalum periquino

General Information: The Envira Caju, also known as "Vermelha Gigante" or "Giant Red," is described as a spectacular fruit tree native to the western Amazon and a member of the Annonaceae family. The tree produces fruits with mostly juicy yellow pulp. The fruits can vary in color, ranging from red, and yellow to purple. All fruits have excellent flavor, soft texture, and are very aromatic. Each fruit typically contains 2 or 3 seeds.

Varieties: Envira Caju ("Vermelha Gigante / Giant Red"): This variety is highlighted for its spectacular nature and is considered one of the best Amazonian fruit trees.

Onychopetalum periquino "Mini Amarela / Small Yellow": Another variety commonly known as Envira Caju in Brazil. The fruit is described as having mostly juicy yellow pulp with a bit of astringency near the endocarp.

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 3 to 4 Years.

Maintenance Required: Described as moderate.